Even if one had already wished he was not a Nigeria, there is no how his nationality can be changed. Nigeria as a country has never been a problem what has always been the problem is its inhabitants. So, creating a republic from the existing one does not make it a better country so far its inhabitants are not replaced.

However, if at all, we are to decide the future of Yoruba nation or speak for the Yorubas, a group like Afenifere, dominated by Christians cannot speak or single handedly decide for us. The Muslims, who are majority, must have a say

Attributing Nigeria’s problem to Hausa or Fulani is a great Mistake. Because the root of Nigeria’s problem which is corruption is in the blood of all Godless people which Yorubas are not excepted. Killing for rituals, or to make money has never been eradicated in Yorubas if Hausa or Fulani is also battling with kidnapping and Boko Haram

Apart from that, how many peaceful revolution have we ever had? Secession always comes with anarchy and shedding of innocent blood. The Biafra war is still lingering in our memory. We all know millions of lives that were lost because of this evil agenda of republic, So, is obtaining visa before traveling to the north or the East what we are envisaging? Or the mineral resources that are evenly distributed, which the oneness of our nation brought together to make us a powerful nation in Africa we are trying to divide? Thankfully, our politicians are not part of this dubious move. It would have spelt doom for Yoruba aspiration for the post of Nigeria President comes 2023

Yoruba republic, I keep wondering of those bankrolling the agenda and deciding the logo, flag and making decisions in the absence of majority Muslims. May be they have forgotten that this is 20th century and we are no more living in the past.

The republic is not and will never be the solution to our Problems so far we have the same set of Godless people and the British (Christian) constitution.

Ameer Taawun Dawood Imran The National President Jama’at Ta’awunu Muslimeen Nigeria

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